Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Who Is Your Ideal Client

My business model allows me to serve EVERYone. What? How can it possibly do that? Even McDonald's can't promise to be everything to everyone, and they certainly do try. If you're chasing every person, every business owner, every single opportunity you need to stop. You cannot be everything to everyone. You need to know who your ideal client is and then seek out that person or business. Having a focus on who your ideal client is will make you more productive and likely make you more sales.

Take some time to develop an ideal client persona, understand what problems he or she has and how
your services can address that -- that is who your ideal client is -- the one who will benefit the most from what you have to sell.

Here are tips to go into a deeper dive on creating a customer persona:

  • What pain points does your service or goods address? Who are the clients who could benefit the most from having those pain points erased? 
  • Visit your ideal clients, those who you believe would benefit from your goods or services. If you can see them in action you can see how your goods or services could fit into their daily work routines. Getting out of the office is a better way to network than to continually network through social media. 
  • Write down the characteristics of your current clients and how they use your goods or services. If you already have an active client base, they are your best first source for building a client persona. 

Targeting your client base will help you be more productive and will help your bottom line better than chasing every client who comes along.

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