Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Power Of One More Item

Guest Post by Robbi Hess, Written Marketing Specialist at All Words Matter 

Some days when you look at your to-do list you might be stricken with analysis paralysis -- the "what should I do first when I have so many things to do?" What happens in many of those instances is that you do... nothing and your list continues to grow. That feeling may also strike when you want to grow your
business or your clientele but aren't sure where to start first.

How can you ward off analysis paralysis? What I tell my clients is that they can invoke the power of one. What that means is:
  • Suggest an add on service to a current client -- just one. If they already like product or service A, why not talk to them about investing in product or service B or C. It's one way to enhance your sales path. 
  • What if you committed to making one more phone call a day as part of your prospecting and marketing strategy. If you do that you can add in an additional 250 calls a year (at least) and that could net you more clients. You don't have to call ten additional people -- just one. 
  • Take at least one day a month for yourself and to hone your business skills. Take a class. Attend a seminar. Go to a networking meeting that has a learning component. Staying relevant is crucial to your continued viability. 
  • Ask for one testimonial.
  • Ask for one referral from a satisfied client. 
  • Get to the office one hour earlier than your competition. Answer your phone one hour earlier or one hour later -- set yourself apart as having unconventional business hours (not so unconventional that you don't have a personal or family life, but as being open a bit earlier or a bit later so you can capture a potential client before he starts his work day!

·        What “one” can you do today to help advance your business? 

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