Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get Prospects To Call You Back

You met with a prospect and you felt like you hit it off. What gives with them not calling you back? Could it be your phone etiquette or when you're calling or the message you're leaving?

It could be any of those, so here are my tips for getting a call back:

  • Don't call Mondy morning or Friday afternoon. Chance are you don't want to talk then and chances are, neither does your prospect. Mondays are typically catch-up time from the weekend and Friday is slowing down time. 
  • Leave a clear message with your name, your number, the reason for your call and the action you're requesting,  ie...a call back, a meeting, etc.
  • If you're cold calling but have a connection to the prospect, mention it, ie. "Jack from XYZ Company said I should give you a call because (fill in the blank that shows the relevance)."
Make the best use of your phone call time and give the prospect a reason to call you back. 

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