Thursday, September 25, 2014

Are Business Cards Dead?

Guest post by Robbi Hess

Do you still look at gathering business cards as a sport when you're attending a business meeting or networking event? You know, whomever gets the most cards wins? I have to caution that when it comes to business cards, quantity doesn't necessary equate to quality. If you're gathering business cards for the sake of gathering them you may want to rethink your strategy and only accept cards --
and give cards -- to potential referral partners or others with whom you feel you can work.

If you still use a business card, and I honestly can't see any reason why you wouldn't, here are tips for making the most of that valuable piece of business real estate:

  1. Make sure it's branded with your company business name and logo. While you don't want to clutter the card with a lot of information, you are selling yourself and your business and your logo is a big part of that. 
  2. Include your contact information. Yes, I have received business cards in the past on which there is no contact information other than a web address. That's nice, but include your email and your telephone number. Don't make a potential client have to perform a treasure hunt to find you. 
  3. Make use of the back of the business card. Add your social media handles, a tagline, a bulleted list of your services or products. 
Once you get back to your office, reach out to those you met and follow up with an email or better yet, a short introductory e-newsletter or even better yet (try to remember the last time you'd received actual mail or a postcard) send a postcard. 

What are your best business card tips? 

Robbi Hess is The Written Marketing Expert at All Words Matter. She works with clients to take their words, put it into their message and distribute it in places that make sense! If you're struggling with your written marketing content, contact her at 

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