Monday, January 12, 2015

What Leadership Traits Do You Possess?

Attention business owners: It's not enough to proclaim, "I want to own a business." You need to have myriad skills and strengths in order to lead and manage a company, whether you're a solopreneur or manage a staff of hundreds.

Do you have the leadership traits it takes to succeed? Here, at a minimum, are the traits I believe any
want-to-be business owner should possess:

  • The ability to share your expertise with others
  • The ability to articulate your business mission and vision
  • The personality that allows for follow through on ideas as well as the creation of them
  • The perseverance it takes to keep moving ahead even if you're faced with failure. Look at a failure as a chance to regroup and look at the process and start over
  • Are you approachable and able to take constructive criticism, whether from a colleague, customer or coach? 

What do you have planned for your business this year? Do you need help honing your leadership skills?

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