Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hone Your Collaboration Skills

Post by Robbi Hess, All Words Matter 

How can you help your workforce to become more effective? By becoming an effective collaborator. Just as you likely don't run your business by yourself -- unless you're a solopreneur, but even in that case you may still work with a business coach or contract out some of the tasks at which you are not
an expert.

I believe that collaboration can help you grow your business. Why? Because you're drawing in information and expertise from others and putting them all toward the company's greater overall goal. Here are some of my collaboration tips:

  • Solicit input from your workforce. Ask your associates how they might address a specific concern or approach a problem. 
  • Make your associates feel a part of the overall team by asking for input and showing that you value their contribution. 
  • Attempt to embrace a "we're all in it together" feeling on your team. This will help provide your employees with a feeling that they have skin in the game of the company's success (other than simply collecting a paycheck). 
What can you do to be a more effective leader aka collaborator? 

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