Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stress Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Post by Robbi Hess #WrittenMarketingExpert

As an entrepreneur, stress may be a part of your daily life and business activities. While it may be more stressful to be the captain of your own ship, for many people the rewards are well worth the cost of admission.

If, however, you find the stressors of the day becoming unwieldy here are some tips for managing it:

  1. Take a walk. Get away from your desk and get out into nature. No natural habitats to be found?
    Talk a walk around your office building. Getting up and away from the computer screen can be liberating and help you calm down. 
  2. Practice a positive attitude. The attitude you proffer is the attitude you will get back. Try to look at the good in every situation -- no matter how bleak. Even if the only bright spot you can find is that you only have 30 more minutes of work left that day, hold onto that. 
  3. Build your network. If you're toiling away at your home office and have no interaction with the outside world and find yourself talking to your poodle, you need to get out and touch base with humans. Call a friend or family member or colleague and grab a coffee. Isolation is draining. 
  4. Eat healthy foods. When you're stressed you may find yourself reaching for the potato chips or cookies for a quick pick me up. Healthy foods will fuel you for the long run and won't pack on the calories! 
  5. Find a hobby. If you have given up on hobbies because you're too busy. Take a step back and make time to do something other than work. Pick up that crochet hook or knitting needles, get out on the golf course, walk your dog, read a book, plant a garden. Rediscover a lost hobby and make time for it daily -- even if it's only 15 minutes! 
You won't be an effective business owner if stress is weighing you down. Take control and manage it! 

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