Thursday, July 10, 2014

Motivate Your Employees... Without Writing A Check

Guest post by Robbi Hess

#Manufacturers understand that keeping good help is crucial to the success of their operations. What do you do though when your company can't afford raises and bonuses have been cut as a way to keep the doors open?

There are ways a business owner can motivate and reward its employees without breaking the bank and
here are three to consider:

  1. Do you have an employee that always goes above and beyond? Exceeds quotas? Doesn't miss a day of work? Helps other employees finish their tasks? Make that known to the rest of the staff. Send out a company wide email or hang a notice on the company bulletin board, "Wow, did you see what Jim did? He continually outperforms and we appreciate his efforts! If you see Jim today congratulate him on a job well done!" Recognition honors the person receiving it and motivates the rest of the team who may want the same acknowledgement.
  2. Look for ways for the stellar employees to take additional training that will help them in their current job or may even help them move up to a job of more responsibility. Most business's have some sort of trade organization that will offer training seminars. Send your best and brightest and then ask them to come back from the training prepared to report to the team on what they've learned and ask for their help in implementing those items that make sense in your #manufacturing business. 
  3. Have you considered a flex time schedule for your employees? This may not be feasible in all organizations, but if it was why not offer to let them work four 10-hour days rather than five 8-hour days? What if they could come in late and work late in the event they had to attend an event at school for their child? Offering an employee a more flexible schedule -- within reason -- is a perk that many employees will readily embrace. Autonomy like this can boost morale! 

What can you do to motivate your employees without pulling out the checkbook?

Robbi Hess is a Content Creator, Social Media Manager & E-zine Marketer. Contact her for more information on her services at All Words Matter.

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