Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Productive Are You At Work?

Guest post by Social Media Manager ~ Blogger, Robbi Hess

Whether you're in the #manufacturing industry or in any other industry, being productive at work is crucial to success. What can you do to be more productive at work? 

Here are my five tips: 
  1. Create weekly to-do lists. Update and refine your weekly to-dos on a daily basis. Also, don't make
    your to-do list unattainable. A list that you have no chance of completing will become a procrastination tool. You'll think, "There is no way I can get through all of this..." therefore you'll get through none of it. 
  2. Schedule time during the course of your day for personal time. Whether it's stepping away from your desk and eating your lunch at a more neutral location, stepping away will make you more productive and it will also stop co-workers from interrupting.
  3. Organize your desk and your work space. A cluttered work space drains your energy and it also is a time waster if you are continually searching through stacks of paperwork to find a specific piece of paper. You should have your work space set up in such a way that the items you use most frequently should be right at hand. 
  4. Delegate some tasks. There comes a time when it simply makes sense to delegate some of your lower level tasks. Find a co-worker who either has the availability or the skills you're seeking and offload tasks that will not only free up your time, but may be a resume booster for him or her. 
  5. Measure how productive you are. Simply punching the clock and staying on site for eight hours doesn't mean you are being productive. Find a metric that works for your industry and begin tracking and measuring your productivity. This is both a way to congratulate yourself for a job well done, but a way to see areas in which you may not be productive and you might be able to uncover reasons why. 
What steps can you take to be more productive at work? 

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