Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Manufacturing: The Wealth Creator

The drumbeat of the pundits is that manufacturing is dead and that our country will evolve into a service society that will be much better. Yea, right! FYI, only three industries create wealth: Mining, farming and manufacturing.

Sorry all you day traders, lawyers and high-falutin' investment types. All you do is move the money around skimming a little off the top for yourselves. Thanks for helping the manufacturing world get stronger by providing us support. This is great news for manufacturing consultants and those involved in process improvement. 

Sure you claim to “create wealth,” but how many people can claim that working at Starbucks (I actually like Starbucks) made someone rich. Investment bankers get rich by making deals and putting financing together... for those of us in the manufacturing industry! 

In other words, instead of parents hoping their kids will someday become lawyers, accountants and other sorts of pencil pushers, why don’t they send their sons (and daughters) to a school to learn what it really takes to make things either in the shops or by owning one?

Manufacturing Consultant David Senkfor works those in the gear manufacturing and industry to help them implement process improvement practices. He is available for speaking, consultation and coaching.  

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